Here’s how to keep your tree’s scent, colour and needles in to January…

? Ensure a fresh cut is made to the stump

When left too long out of moisture your stump will dry up and no longer absorb water. A fresh cut high enough up the remaining stump will allow the tree to drink unrestricted from it’s water supply.

? Use a tree stand with a large water supply

Your tree will eventually absorb 1-2 litres of water a day. Having a large water reservoir will mean less watering and less chance of the water running out leading to a dry stump dry! Unfortunately, traditional cast iron stands have a very low water supply. If you wish to give your tree the best chance of a constant supply of water purchase a Cinco or Krinner tree stand.


Ensure your tree has more than enough water everyday to not risk running out and drying out your stump. If your stump dries too much it will no longer absorb water, and a fresh stump cut may be needed.

? Spraying your tree with water is a great way to help keep your tree hydrated! Please remember to turn your lights off at the plug before spraying ?

? Keep tree away from large heat sources and be conscious of your thermostat

We want to avoid drying your tree out. High room temperatures as well as radiators and open fires will undoubtedly dry your tree out! Be conscious of these things if you wish to keep your tree fresh for longer.

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